125B enclosure layouts

Here are drawings and basic print layouts of the drilled 125B enclosures.

The print layouts are made with Inkscape, an open source drawing tool (free of cost).
You can download Inkscape here: Inkscape
If you want to learn more about Inkscape, here some Tutorials: Tutorials

You can easily adjust the layouts to your taste and you project!

Drawing 125B 1 Potentiometer: 125B_1pot
Template 125B 1 Potentiometer: Template 125B 1 Poti

Drawing 125B 2 Potentiometer:  125B_2pot
Template 125B 2 Potentiometer: Template 125B 2 Poti

Drawing 125B 3 Potentiometer:  125B_3pot
Template 125B 3 Potentiometer: Template 125B 3 Poti

Drawing 125B 4 Potentiometer:  125B_4pot
Template 125B 4 Potentiometer: Template 125B 4 Poti

Have fun :-)

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