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A/B/Y Switch

With the A/B/Y switch you can easily switch one signal between two single outputs (A/B), or put it on  both outputs (Y). The first switch switches between outputs A and B, the second switch (Y), switches the input on both outputs.

Wiring layout: abywire

The Screamer v2

The Tubescreamer is one of the most played and most liked overdrive pedals. With this project you can build two classical versions TS9 and TS808. TS9 and TS808 only are different in 2 resistor values, what sounds better is a matter of taste.

If you want to build the TS9, just select the values for R15 and R16 from the table, of course the same for the TS-808 variant.

Installation guide: installationguideV001_en

Schematic and pcb: screamerV2_schalt

Partslist (BOM): screamerv2bom_en


Files for version up to 01.05.2016:

Parts list: screambomen

Scheamtic and pcb: screamerschalt

Wiring layout: screamerwire