Das Face 69er

This Fuzz Face variant features two germanium transistors. It is enhanced by two controls to get some interesting sounds. It features positive ground, so it can´t be used along other effects (mostly using neg. ground) on one common power supply.

Parts list: bom69eren

Schematic and pcb: 69erschalt

Wiring layout: face69wire

The Changer

The Changer can be used to reverse the order of two pedals or chains. Lopp A into Loop B or B into A, as you like it. For example you can do a Distortion into a Tremolo, or the Tremolo into the DIstortion, you get two different sounds. Of course other effects are also interesting.

Wiring layout: changerwire2

A/B/Y Switch

With the A/B/Y switch you can easily switch one signal between two single outputs (A/B), or put it on  both outputs (Y). The first switch switches between outputs A and B, the second switch (Y), switches the input on both outputs.

Wiring layout: abywire