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The 3Verb

The 3Verb is a very analog sounding reverb pedal, although it is bases on the digital BTDR-3 module. Controls for Decay and Mix enable to get sounds from room-size to a big cathedral reverb.

Most of the electronics is integrated in the compact reverb module, so the parts count is quite low. This makes this project also suitable for beginners. The BTDR-3 module is placed on the bottom pcb side and soldered on the top side!

Trim pot P1 sets the output volume of the reverb. It should be set to unity with the bypass signal. Of course you can also set it a little louder to boost the reverb a little.

Here are the documents:

Parts list (BOM): 3verb_BOM_en

Schematic and pcb: 3verbschem

Wiring layout: 3verbwire

The 45er – Phaser

The 45er is the smaller brother of the 90 (Der Phaser). Featuring only 2 instead 4 phase stages, he delivers a nice subtle sound and fits well into your basic sound.

The trimm-pot for biasing the FETs can be simply dialed in by ear. If it sounds good for you, it is right :-)

Here the files to build the Phaser:

Partslist (BOM):45er_BOM_en

Schematic and pcb: 45er_schalt

Wiring layout: 45erwire

Der 45er Phaser

Der Phaser

The Phaser is based on the phasing classic, the Phase90. It is enhanced by a depth-pot. For troubleshooting issues you can also find a list with measurement values below.

To get the “R28-Mod”, in the Phaser schematic that´s the R15. If you remove that, the sound gets moire balanced and smoother.

Installation guide: installationguideV001_en

Schematic and pcb: phasev2schalt

Partslist (BOM): phasev2_BOM_en

Multimeter values: PhaserValues


Here the files for the version up to 20.06.2016

Parts list: phaserbomen

Schematic and pcb: phaserschalt

Wiring layout: phaserwire

Multimeter values: PhaserValues

Der Compressor Dyna

The Dyna Compressor is based on the classic Dynacomp. Two controls, you don´t need more :-)

For troubleshooting issues you can find a list with voltage values below.

Installation guide: installationguideV001_en

Parts list (BOM): dyna_BOM_en

Schematic and pcb: compressorV2schalt

Files for version up to 28.04.2016

Parts list: dynabomen

Schematic and pcb: compschalt

Wiring layout: dynawire

Multimeter values: CompressorValues